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Unlock Your Writing Voice:
Find Support & Guidance

Writing can open doors to self-discovery and growth, but sometimes, it can also feel overwhelming. At GRAFTO, we believe you hold the power to manage your emotions and find healthy solutions. We're here to support you in exploring your writing and emotional needs, whether you're seeking personal growth, creative expression, or emotional processing.

Reach out if you're looking for guidance to explore your feelings through writing and unlock your writing voice.

Understanding your unique needs is our priority. We'll start by gathering some information and then match you with either a qualified writing coach or a licensed therapist based on your specific situation and goals.

Finding the right match is crucial. We want to ensure you feel comfortable and connected with your chosen professional. First, we’ll set up an introductory session where you can meet your coach or therapist, ask questions, and decide if they're the right fit for you.

Our Process

Phone Call

Initial Consultation

We'll discuss your needs and goals to determine if a writing coach or therapist is the best fit for you.

Online meeting

Personalised Matching

We'll carefully pair you with a professional who aligns with your specific needs and personality, ensuring your comfort and support throughout your journey.

Using Laptop at Home

Get to Know You Session

Once matched, you'll have a session with your coach or therapist to build rapport and discuss your writing goals in more detail.

Smiling Woman

Exploration & Support

Share your writing through email or scheduled sessions, and receive guidance on exploring emotions, developing writing skills, and achieving your goals.

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Writing Coach Sessions



​​45 minutes

with a minimum commitment of 4 sessions

Working from Home

Therapy Sessions

Please contact us for therapist-specific rates.

What to expect from your sessions

Explore Emotions Without Editing Focus

Writing becomes a tool for self-discovery and emotional processing, not a grammar refinement.

Manage Difficult Emotions & Improve Well-being

Learn practical tools and strategies to enhance your emotional resilience and overall well-being.

Develop Writing Skills & Creative Expression

Receive guidance and support to unlock your unique writing potential for personal growth, artistic expression, or professional goals.

Set & Achieve Writing Goals

Collaborate with your coach to set clear objectives, overcome challenges, find inspiration, and celebrate your progress.

Safe and Confidential Space

Explore your emotions and experiences through writing with complete privacy and respect.

Individualised Sessions

Receive personalised support to address emotional and mental health concerns.


While we offer valuable support for exploring emotions through writing, this service is not intended for complex mental health challenges. Seek qualified professionals for specialised care.

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