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Welcome to Your Creative Writing Journey!

GRAFTO is a writing platform designed to provide a safe and supportive space for you to explore your creativity and unlock your potential for wellbeing and growth. We believe that creative expression is a powerful tool for exploring your thoughts and emotions, leading to greater self-understanding and personal development.

How to Get the Most Out of Your GRAFTO Experience

Explore our Prompts

Dive into a variety of prompts designed to support your individual growth and wellbeing. Scroll through each individual prompt to see the exercises. The suggested order builds upon itself to guide you through a structured exploration.


Revisit and reflect

Revisit prompts later for further exploration. Rewriting about the same experience several times, especially emotional ones, can be a powerful tool for healing and self-discovery.


Practice self-care

Your well-being is our priority. Take breaks whenever you feel overwhelmed and write for as long as feels comfortable in one sitting. Remember to listen to your inner voice and respect your limits.


Dedicated Free Writing Space

We offer a dedicated space for daily journaling or expressing whatever's on your mind, even if it's "where do all the missing socks go?!" Develop a consistent writing practice by expressing your thoughts and experiences daily.


Be specific and genuine The more details you share, the more meaningful and impactful your writing will be. Don't be afraid to express yourself authentically! Capture the nuances of a memory or feeling.

Write freely

Don't worry about grammar or spelling, just let your thoughts flow like a river of creativity. Even if your writing feels messy at first, it can lead to unexpected insights.


Our team is here to support you on your journey.
We encourage you to explore and understand your feelings through writing.

Connecting with our writing coaches can provide further guidance and support if desired.

We hope this information helps make your creative writing journey with GRAFTO enriching and rewarding!

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